6 Ways to Secure Your Dog Safely in a Car

secure your dog safely in a car

When you are travelling with your beloved dogs you want to make sure they are securely restrained to keep you both safe.

According to the Highway Code as a driver you are responsible for making sure your dogs can’t distract you whilst driving, or injure you (or themselves) during an emergency stop.

An unsecured dog will be thrown forward during an accident and will injure both you and themselves pretty badly. This is why it is so important to keep your dog secure.

With that in mind here are 6 ways to secure your dog safely in a car.

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If your dog sleeps in a crate at home, then an obvious option is to use the same crate in the car. They will feel safe and secure inside it as they are used to being in it. Pop it in the boot and secure your pup inside.


Metal crates take up a lot of space so instead you could try a collapsible carrier. They are lightweight as they are made of material and zip together to form a cosy little crate. These are best placed in the boot as they can tip off back seats whilst you are driving. When you aren’t using them just unzip them and fold them flat.


If you want to keep your dog on the back seat they will need to be wearing a doggy seat belt. These are short leads which plug directly into the seat belt and the other end attaches to the dogs harness. You can attach them to collars but bear in mind that during an accident a harness will reduce the impact on their neck.


These are like seat covers but they attach to the front seats creating a U shape. This stops your dog being able to get on to the floor, or leaning over into the front seats. If you don’t like dog hair all over your back seats these are a godsend. These generally have holes for the seat belt clip to pop¬†through so you can secure your dog with a dog seat belt as well.


Ideal for smaller dogs, these are little baskets which are suspended from the seat. It raises your dog higher up so they can see whats going on around them. They sit inside their cosy basket and you attach them to it with their harness to stop them jumping out.


If you have a larger dog the boot may be the comfiest place for them. In this case you should get a metal dog guard to separate the boot from the cabin. This stops your dog climbing through onto the back seats and being a distraction to the driver.

Next time you jump in the car with your furry travel companions, make sure you use one of the above ways to secure your dog safely.

Happy travelling, stay safe!

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